Project Overview

The aim of SWIMing is to address the challenge of managing the huge amounts of data generated across the building life cycle of relevance to building energy management. Building Information Modelling (BIM) has played a key role in this process for over 20 years and our mission, through the use of the semantic web, is the establishment of a new Linked Open Data based BIM cloud. This will enable free and semantically interoperable resources from multiple sources, thus optimising the process of integration of existing business solutions and enabling the development of new and novel solutions to meet growing demands for energy efficiency well into the 21st century.

SWIMing will support EeB projects to enhance the impact of their results by making their data models open and accessible. It will develop a data modelling cluster where projects can share their use cases, data modelling requirements and get access to expertise in the area of open data models. The cluster will be structured by stages of the building life cycle (BLC) the projects results are applied, its particular domain, and the differing data requirements. By making project outcomes open and accessible to multiple stakeholders across the BLC, SWIMing will impact on the ease and efficiency with which these outcomes will be exploited across BLC energy management processes.


  • Provide the basis for the creation of a Building Information Modelling cloud that can support Building Life Cycle Energy Management Services and Applications.

  • Increase the ease and efficiency with which Linked Data will be exploited in Building Life Cycle Energy Management.

Expected Results

  • A strong community around the topic of Linked Open Data (LOD) for Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Building Life Cycle Energy Management

  • A set of use cases around the use of LD for Building Life Cycle Energy Management from both industry and academia.

  • Guidelines and best practices for building and exploiting LD-based resources in Building Life Cycle Energy Management.