14th Sept. VoCamp – interoperability for efficient energy systems in smart cities

The Ready4SmartCities (R4SC) project is organising another VoCamp.

Monday 14 September and Tuesday 15 September
Where: in D’Appolonia premises in Genoa (map: https://goo.gl/5ElzRl).
More information:
Register via:
bruno.fies AT cstb.fr
andrea.cavallaro AT dappolonia.it

The wide umbrella under which the VoCamp will take place is at the cross of the SmartCity domain and the ICT domain which encompasses also the Building sector, Software, Hardware and Data issues for the ICT domains, the Grid, the urban mobility, etc… This VoCamp will concentrate on the alignments of sectorial ontologies to a specific ontology which is also candidate for standardisation (The SAREF ontology – Smart Appliance Reference ontology – that is now in the hands of the ETSI to become THE standard for smart appliances).

Such alignments will be searched/established within the frame of the predefined scenarios proposed in the Roadmap established by R4SC and they can be (or should be) also related to selected use cases already formalised/described under the W3C Linked Building Data Community Group Activities.

The principle of a VoCamp remain the same. It is an open workshop gathering experts to discuss towards an agreement. Therefore it is totally free of charge and based on a voluntary basis.

Registration is simple as an email sent to address: ready4smartcities@googlegroups.com.



    Day one (Afternoon 2pm -> 5:30pm)

      Introduction (90 minutes)

        Welcome & Objectives of the VoCAmp (DAPP/UPM)
        R4SC outcomes – Roadmap / Linked Data / Methodology (DAPP/UPM)
        SWIMing activities & objectives and link with the W3C working group (TCD-ADAPT)
        Presentation of the selected use cases ( AEC3 from D2.3)

      Presentation of the alignment server (45 minutes) INRIA
      Presentation of SAREF (45 minutes)

        The ETSI initiative (OneM2M) (CSTB)
        The main concepts of the ontology (CERTH)
        Some already available studies / feedback on SAREF (i.e. work done with FANFPAI or INERTIA) (CERTH)
      Day Two (Morning)

        Parallel sessions (90 minutes)

          Identification & selection of specific Use Cases among the ones presented the day before
          Work in smaller groups on the core set of concepts to be aligned with SAREF

        Parallel sessions (90 minutes)

          Use of the alignment server to find alignments and to suggest “curated alignments”
          Day Two (Afternoon) (Afternoon)

            Presentation of results group by group (90 minutes)

              Validation / endorsement of some alignments
              Contribution to the W3C Linked Building Data Community Group (new Use Cases, enrichment of existing ones, …)
              Feedback to ETSI standard (results, suggestion for improvements, etc.)

            Conclusion & Future work (45 minutes)

              Next VoCamp preparation
              Collaboration with ETSI
              Presentation of the VoCAmp Outcomes to the SP2015
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