07-09 Sep 2016 – 11th European Conference on Product and Process Modelling, Limassol, Cyprus

ECPPM2016 is the 11th European Conference on Product & Process Modeling, the flagship conference event of the European Association of Product and Process Modeling (EAPPM), with a long standing history of excellence in product and process modeling in building industry, which is currently known as building information modeling (BIM). ECPPM2016 covers complementary thematic areas that hold great promise for the advancement of research and technological development in the modelling of complex engineering systems. In this context, ECPPM2016 foresees to attract high quality research papers and to provide a platform for the cross fertilization of new ideas and know-how in relation to the special conference themes.

To achieve this, the conference encompasses the following thematic areas:

• Information and Knowledge Management
• Construction Management
• Description Logics and Ontology Application in AEC
• Risk Management
• 5D/nD Modelling, Simulation and Augmented Reality
• Infrastructure Condition Assessment
• Standardization of Data Structures
• Regulatory and Legal Aspects
• Multi-Model and distributed Data Management
• System Identification
• Industrialized Production, Smart Products and Services
• Interoperability
• Smart Cities
• Sustainable Buildings and Urban Environments
• Collaboration and Teamwork
• BIM Implementation and Deployment
• Building Performance Simulation
• Intelligent Catalogues and Services

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